Cyber Security

An information security program architecture is a framework by which information security programs are implemented, including governance and technical, procedural, and process controls that are all aligned to the mission, vision, and goals of the organization. Peakware Consulting has experience in frameworks and standards applicable in different industry. Our Consultants are skilled in different domain in IT Compliance and Security as we help our customers build a security program that closely aligns to any of the following standards, or customize one for their specific business and security needs.

  • ISO 27001/2
  • BCMS (ISO 22301)
  • NIST
  • ITIL

Developing and implementing an architecture that makes sense for our Process Vulnerability Assessment – Review of existing process framework and policies to identify current risks. Regulatory Requirements Gap Analysis – Mapping of current information security state to applicable regulatory requirements and clearly show any discrepancies Policy Development – Development of tailored hierarchical policies that are aligned with business and security requirements and state organizational direction. Process Development – Development of high-level processes associated with organizational policies that describe the workflow mandated by same. Program Development – Development of individual programs that each tie together policies, processes, procedures, organizational structure, and business drivers into a logical unit. Examples of IT security programs include vulnerability management, incident management, business continuity, and risk management. Controls Mapping – Mapping of each of the individual controls contained in one or more relevant security standards, cross-indexed with each other.

The Steps to a Secure Organization:

  • Define a Strategy
  • Do the Scoping
  • Establish Policies
  • Implement System / Benchmark on Framework
  • Create Awareness
  • Monitor Results
  • Enforce Compliance

There is a higher level of risks and threat to the organizations today than ever before. There has been cases of attack to Corporate Information and IT infrastructure from everywhere both inside and outside of organization globally. It is of high importance to identify and understand these threats in order to be able to prevent or stop to reduce overall risk levels.

Our Cyber Security vulnerability and risk assessment helps our customers to:

  • Benchmark IT security posture
  • Understand vulnerabilities in customer environment
  • Reduce IT security risks and liability
  • Protect intellectual property and company data

Our Risk Assessment Approach Peakware Consulting uses the International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) information security standard ISO/IEC 27005:2011 as an operating framework for vulnerability and risk assessment engagements. Identified threats are analyzed in light of the value of the asset(s) in question, pervasiveness, effectiveness, existing controls, likelihood of exploitation, and potential impact to the organization if the threat is acted upon. This risk and SWOT analysis, using an internal risk scoring methodology as the risk result is analyzed describing the actual threat and vulnerability.

Threats are identified using a variety of methods, including, but not limited to:

  • Gathering of publicly-available information
  • Review of existing policies, procedures, frameworks, and processes
  • Interviews with various personnel
  • Automated and manual technical testing of technology infrastructure
  • Review of technology infrastructure architecture and configuration

We offer a number of Risk and Vulnerability Assessment to meet your every business need in the following areas:

  • External and Internal Penetration Testing
  • External and Internal Vulnerability Assessments
  • Comprehensive IT Risk Assessments
  • Cloud Assessments
  • Telephony Assessments

Organizations around the world are faced with regulatory compliance and information security standards. Existing requirements are constantly changing and evolving, and new compliance obligations are continually increasing. The question we answer at Peakware Consulting is, our organizations effectively manage and navigate the ever-changing security and compliance within the enterprise both internal and external.

Compliance Risk Assessment Process
Peakware Consulting has helped her customers to develop successful strategies for meeting their IT security compliance requirements while managing and eliminating undo costs and management overhead. We use IT security compliance best practices carrying out our IT compliance solution and services in the following areas:

  • Gap Assessments
  • Risk Assessments
  • Compliance Audits
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Compliance Program Development
  • Penetration Testing
  • Governance and Framework Development

At Peakware Consulting, We help our customers in the below compliance areas:

  • PCI Compliance
  • ISMS
  • BCMS

Our Black Duck Hub solution will help your security and development team to identify and mitigate open source-related risks across your application portfolio. Against what other solution focuses on, Our solutions focuses on uncovering code-related vulnerabilities introduced by developers as they write code, these techniques catch only a small percentage of vulnerabilities reported. Your developers use open source to innovate and accelerate development cycle, but vulnerabilities like Heartbleed, Shellshock, Poodle, and Ghost highlight the level in unpatched versions of common open source components.

Black Duck Hub helps security and development teams identify and mitigate open source-related risks in your applications and containers. Below are the main features of Black Duck Hub:

  • Integrations for Secure DevOps
  • Customizable Bill of Materials
  • Automatic Vulnerability Mapping and Alerts
  • Enhanced Vulnerability Data
  • Enhanced Vulnerability Data
  • Policy Management
  • Snippet Matching
  • Risk Dashboards and Reports

Black Duck hub support several programming languages, Package managers, Databases, Cloud.

ERPScan will help you to Identify, Analyze, Remediate security issues including vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and SOD violations for your ERP system SAP and other critical business applications store the most critical data, which is constantly threatened by sabotage, fraud and espionage. These applications are kind of vulnerable to attacks based on their extreme complexity and custom development in meeting customers’ requirements. For example, SAP security is based on 3 different areas: Vulnerability Management, Source Code Security, and Segregation of Duties. We uniquely focus on each of the security areas extensively in our practice in helping our customer. ERPScan will help you:

  • Mitigate fraud risk and prevent actions caused by cyber criminals, insiders and third party developers
  • Comply with regulations and guidelines such as SOX, NERC CIP, PCI-DSS, ISACA, DSAG, SAP Security guides and accomplish that within hours instead of a month
  • Save up to 80 % time and resources by evading by automatically identifying 10000+ misconfigurations vulnerabilities across all types of SAP Platforms (ABAP, JAVA, HANA, BOBJ, Mobile) and other Industry solutions
  • Keep your audit ready at all times with regular automatic checks following the Big Four audit recommendations done by ERPScan
  • Reduce efforts by advanced risk correlation and trend analysis
  • Visualize potential attacks between SAP systems and other ERP systems and the associated risks in global scale
  • Simplify remediation by automatic generation of corrections and virtual patches and integration with IDS, SIEM and ITSM systems